Funding Opportunities

WRAC funded Regional Research and outreach projects

Currently the identification and proritization of research areas is now in process. This is the first step in developing the next WRAC Request for Proposals (RFP) for Regional Research and Outreach Projects slated for 2019. Pending funding, of course.

WRAC’s planning process for new research & outreach projects covers an 18-month period, which includes:

  • identification and prioritization of research areas
  • solicitation and review of pre-proposals
  • selection of proposals for development and implementation

For details about the RFP process, review the attached documents "Timeline 2019" and the "Sample RFP" from FY2017. The final selection of projects includes anonymous external review by at least three peers from outside the Western Region (when possible).

Funding for approved projects begins September 1st (contingent upon timely receipt of funds from USDA) and continues for up to four years.

Regional Research and Outreach Projects documents: